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About us

Garrison Goat Co. is owned and operated by Paul Schroeder and Jennifer Anderson Schroeder. 

We bought our first group of does in the spring of 2015. We bottle fed them, learned how to build fence and create paddocks for them, and tried to take every lesson our girls have taught us to heart. Ours  is a true, small-scale, and very dear to us operation, and our products reflect that. 

One of the joys of a small herd is our ability to know the different personality of each of our girls, and pay close to attention to them. We milk them, build grazing areas for them, make sure their health is maintained, assist them with kidding, and thank our lucky stars for everything they provide.

We are happy and proud to provide the gifts of these thrifty and unique creatures. We hope you love what we create as much as we love creating it.